Deliciosamartha festes petites

Deliciosamartha festes petites is a place where you will find all the ingredients to have the best birthday party ever. Deliciosamartha is a place for the imagination, to reconnect with our inner child. A space to share dreams and desires, to seek for inspiration and to find creative solutions.  Deliciosamartha festes petites proves that magic exists, as long as we look for it!.

Deliciosamartha festes petites is the wish of a mom that birthdays are the most special day of the year. The wish to help other moms and dads enjoy children’s parties in a relaxed way, by creating a place where to find all that’s needed for the birthday party of our dreams. The wish to find joy on the eyes of our children, to see that with our little help and their imagination they have built a magical universe in which we wish we could live forever.

The origins

It all started with a birthday cake. When blowing out the candles and making a wish, I asked to enjoy again the fun of the parties from my childhood and to re-live them again. In fact, Deliciosamartha festes petites, was born a long time ago, when I was 11 or 12 years old. Back then, I already loved organizing parties. My friends would come over to my place to play and I would lock myself in the kitchen for a minute to prepare crepes and drinks for them. I remember entering the room with a perfectly decorated tray with all the snacks I had prepared. We were ready to become princesses, knights, robots, clowns and anything we could think of! I have very fond memories of the birthday parties of my childhood. Our apartments were much more than just houses: castles, adventures…  a magical world created by our imagination. I still thank my mom for letting everything at our disposal for one day! Chairs, windows… all the house was ours!

Time has passed and now I am a mother too. A mother who, like many others, tries to make ends meet with a smile on her face, imagining possible worlds in which we can all be princesses, dinosaurs, robots, pirates and clowns for a while again!


Deliciosamartha would not have been posible without Maria and Jordi, who conceived me.I also want to thank Marta, my delicious Marta. Daria, who has given me the strength, drive, courage and sense of magic. Ramon, for adding reason to this project. Ari and Diego, my personal magicians. Raquel, for painting my dreams with colors. Montse for helping me transform and explain myself. And Gemma, Eva, Elsa, Mar, Anna, Maria, Jana, Carla, Cristina, Martí, Maria, Pol, Núria, Bruna, Meritxell, Martina, Lali, Mariona, Lluc, Shanti, Esme, Mónica, Elissa, David, Jaume, Santi, Eva Maria, Marta, Sandra, Emma, Perete, Toti, Silvano…

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very much to you all.